Zotac announced their GeForce 20 series graphics card including the zotac 2060 super, zotac gaming geforce rtx 2060, and zotac rtx 2080 back in 2018. GPUs in this series was one of the first card which allowed gamers to run games along with ray tracing and that comes with an OC SCANNER*. It's graphics card such as the zotac rtx 2080ti arcticstorm has a high energy efficiency ratio and can handle intensive activities at low temperatures, which sets it apart from older RTX 20 series models. The zotac rtx 2060, on the other hand, is one of our best-selling graphics cards.

Choose the most appropriate one based on your workload requirements from the list below.

*The OC Scanner is a tool that performs a program that calculates the highest stable overclock settings of a GPU within a few minutes by using an algorithm created by NVIDIA for the RTX 20 series graphics card only.